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Hookah | Hookah Accessories | Shisha

Hookah Cigarette Shop GlendaleHookah is a traditional tobacco smoking instrument originating from Middle East dating back to 16th century; some people call it Water Pipe or Shisha. Hookah cools down the smoke by passing it through the water locating in the water jar. It also purifys the smoke. The traditional Hookah has one Pipe and the  smokers pass the pipe along and take turn; some of the newer design of Hookahs have more than one Pipe,up to 3, in this case more than one Hookah Smokers can smoke at same time. Two types of Tobacco are used for Hookah cools: Traditional Tobacco, which is natural Hookah Tobacco without any additional flavor, and Flavored Tobacco, which comes in variety of flavors  such as mint, berry, cherry, apple… The Flavored Tobacco is popular between young Hookah Smokers.

Hookah Smoke Shop GlendaleThere are number of steps to prepare the Hookah before you can start enjoying it. first you need to fill the water bow up to 3/4, then add fill top bowl by your favorite Tobacco, if it is Flavored Tobacco you have to cover it by a aluminum foil and make small holes on the aluminum foil. then place charcoal on top of it. The first few attempt might not have the flavor and smoke, continue smoking until the smoke color become white and strong, now Hookah is ready and you can enjoy it with friends and family.

If compared, Hookah is stronger than Cigarettes, perhaps more close to Cigar or Smoking Pipe. Smoking Hookah in a group of 2 to 4 takes about 45 minutes until the Tobacco is burned out, although its not smoked alone it has more effect than Cigarettes. All Hookahs function the same, the best way of choosing it is too like the shape and style, we recommend you to visit our Smoke Shop in Glendale and take a look at our Hookah collection and Hookahs Accessories. Hookah is a good Smoking Gift if you combine it with one of our Zippo Lighter or Xikar Lighter, add a Flavored Tobacco to your Smoking Gift basket and you are done, everyone will love it.
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Are you coming From Pasadena to visit your friend in Glendale? If you are looking to get a Zippo Lighter or any Smoking Accessories, visit or Cigarette Shop in Glendale follow this direction and you will be in our Smoking Gifts center in a short time.  Head west on I-210 W, continue onto CA-134 W , take exit 7A for Pacific Ave turn right onto N Pacific Ave, pass Glenoaks Blvd after Dryden St  check the 5th  store, you will see our store just on your right side.