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Cigarette Shop in Glendale | Smoke Shops in Glendale

Cigarette Shop Glendale Pacific Cigarettes PM If you are looking for a Cigarette Shop or Smoke Shops in Glendale, at Pacific Cigarettes PM we offer our products everyday at the lowest possible price. Our business is based on our customers'" title="Smoke Shop in Glendale">Smoke Shop in Glendale. Unlike any other Cigarette Shop in Glendale, we update our inventory on a daily basis. Our Cigarette Shop goes the extra mile to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Also, all the major credit cards are accepted. Furthermore, we accept special orders for any related item. Since we go to the market everyday we can complete any special order within one or two business day.

We have all Cigarette brands and most of the popular Cigar brands. Due to our customers demand we now offer Electric Cigarettes, rechargeable and disposable.All of our Cigars are kept in a special humidity controlled shelves to keep them fresh whit in the original factory quality. To better serve our Cigar Smoking customers, we have all the accessories nedde such as Cutters, Ashtrays, Humidifier, Special Lighters... to satisfy them. Our Pipes come in a variety of shape size and color to please any need. When it comes to Pipe we are one of a kind Cigarette Shops in Glendale.One of the other reasons that makes us a unique Smoke Shop in Glendale is our Lighter selection. We have the complete set of Zikar Lighters whit lifetime replacement warranty. There are 2 different display shelves for a Zippo Lighters that includes more than hundred different types of Zippo products. Regal and Tiger are some of our other Lighter brands in store.

For additional information on mentioned products click on each product link and you will be able to see complete details. Also, come and visit us at our store, we gratefully appreciate your business.

Are you staying at hotel Hilton and it runs out of Cigarette or you just can't find you desired Cigarette or maybe you want more Cigarette choices? Are you looking for a Smoking Gifts? Or if you are a Cigar lover, we are just few blocks away from hotel Hilton. It is only 0.6 mi, 11 minutes walking distance. Head west on W Glenoaks Blvd toward N Central Ave, turn right onto N Pacific Ave, just after first red light we are 4th store on the right hand side. Click on our Contact Us page to get the map and direction to the best Cigarette Shop in Glendale.
We are located at: 1108 N. Pacific Ave. Glendale Ca, 91202

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